Heat Pumps & Home Ventilation

LMC are not only qualified Electricians, we are also qualified heat pump and home ventilation installers!

Heat pumps are an extremely effective way to heat your home in the winter months and cool your home in summer but also very economical. We haven’t found anything that compares!

Current Fujitsu heat pump pricing for our most popular units:

Back to back Fujitsu 3.2kw heat pump installed from $1750+GST – ideal for a small office or bedroom

Back to back Fujitsu 8kw heat pump installed from $2595+GST – ideal for a larger living area or office


Already have a unit that you want installed? No problem – Back to back heat pump install only from $750+GST



Smartvent Home Ventilation


Smartvent Home Ventilation means better air within your home which equals better health for you and your family! Smartvent has extremely minimal impact on your power bill but a massive impact on those expensive doctors visits and the time you currently have off work because of winter illness within the home!

It really does work!!

Some of our current ventilation packages:

Smartvent 2 outlet Positive system installed from $1799+GST

Smartvent 4 outlet Positive system installed from $2499+GST

We can customise our packages to fit your home if these options are not suitable – so please go to our ‘Contact Us‘ page to organise a free quote.